NYSC DIARY: [UgoTalksAlot] NYSC Journal: My Camp Crush

I’m a very introverted person. I don’t have a lot of friends and I can find social interaction very exhausting. People think I’m a snub, a very serious person because it always looks like I’m contemplating the human existential dilemma when really I’m looking for my elusive future girlfriend.

In camp, people thought I was THE snub. My platoon members thought of nominating me for most quiet person in camp the only problem was there was no such award. I really wasn’t doing my girlfriend search any favors. If a girl walked up to talk to me, I’d go through the conversation with the minimum amount of words without sounding rude and the maximum smile, although it was noticeably fake.

One day, during one of the excruciatingly long and lawless lectures, my friends: Favour and Jonathan were dozing and Misan was outside doing Misan things, or random spurts of dance moves. I turned around and there was this girl looking at me. Our eyes met and I looked away then quickly locked eyes again.

She was staring at me stare at her stare at me. After a few seconds she averted her eyes. I smiled internally. About 10 minutes later, I looked back in her direction. She was talking to her friend. I thought she looked really pretty. I was still thinking, when she suddenly turned to me and we were back to staring at each other stare at each other.

The normal human thing to do would be to either wave or walk over to this girl and say something. But a lot of times UgoIsMuteAlot takes over from UgoTalksAlot. The lecture ends and everyone scatters. I have misplaced my newfound crush.

I finally see her the next day during lectures and we do the entire starting thing again. In my mind, I’m having an entire conversation with my crush, in real life, Favour has turned me into a human pillow and Jonathan is talking about Spotify.

After a few days of not seeing my crush, I finally see her with one buff guy. The guy has his arms over her shoulder and she’s leaning on his chest. WHAT A BETRAYED!

I hired Detective Misan to get me all the dirt on my crush and she came back with bad news. The guy was her camp boyfriend. It was a sad day for my human heart.

On bonfire night, Misan, Jonathan and I get seats and are talking when suddenly my crush comes and sits beside us with her camp bae. Misan and my crush know each other,they had a mutual friend who was also there. Since Misan was with Jonathan and I, it meant camp bae had to talk to me. Me I just beat him up and walk away with my crush. Or at least that’s how it happened in my mind. In real life I smiled nicely and joined what had now become a group conversation.

So there I sat for three or so hours, talking and listening to everyone including my crush…who by the way, was cuddling with her boyfriend…just beside me. WHAT A DEEP BETRAYED. My right heart was broken in three.

I just wonder what would have happened if I’d spoken to her sooner. I just went back to my bed and slept away my sorrows.


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