NYSC DIARY: [Life of Shovel] NYSC SZN: Redeploying – Part 2

Personally, staying in Kaduna wasn’t off the table. I considered the idea when I saw my state of deployment. My mum however, well… Half considered actually since I had things I needed to do that required me being close to Lagos.

Even though redeploying was definitely in my future, we didn’t actively seek out methods or plugs to make it happen. We just prayed and asked that God let His will be done.

Clearly, God’s will was for me to not stay in Kaduna because I got a call from my Dad on my second day in camp asking me what state I wanted. I answered yes (obviously) and asked him how we was planning to make it work. I mean, I was going to apply for redeployment officially at camp so. It so happened that an old friend of his reconnected after many years and conveniently, said friend was th…. let’s just say he’s one of the top ranking officials in one of the states in…a part of Nigeria. During their conversation, their children came up and my Dad mentioned I was in camp. Said friend offered to help if I wanted to redeploy and that was how I got my redeployment settled. Didn’t have to pay a dime, or fuss over a plug failing cos, I mean, this guy is a whole St.. high ranking official. I’m still not sure if it was that particular connect or me officially applying that secured my redeployment but we thank God all the same.

Enter Oyo State

Barely 30 minutes into registration (Yes, you go through the entire process of registration again) I was tired. A part of me wished I had just stayed in Kaduna. Repeating the process of sweating, standing in long queues, dying inside and more sweating was definitely not what I bargained for. I like to think the sun in Ibadan is different from the sun everywhere else, and that’s saying something since Lagos sun is Satan’s own torchlight.

If you redeploy to one of the high demand states, I advice you prepare your mind. And work out. You’re going to need proper mental and physical strength.

The worst part of the entire registration process was having the NYSC officials tell us to go home and return days later. This happened about 3 times. I went to Lagos and returned to Ibadan each time because I don’t have sense.

Completing the registration took me roughly 2 weeks, I shit you not.

After I was through with it, these people posted me to some remote village I’d never heard of. This defeated the purpose of redeploying in the first place so I had to change it. Which resulted in an additional week of stress.
I like to think I’m quite blessed, and favoured. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t sinning a lot at the time. Somehow, I found myself having multiple plug options to change my Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) 😂 I was on my own and one man came to me and asked if I wanted to change my PPA. He was definitely an angel because he didn’t ask for a single kobo and he saw the whole thing through. I had to complement his help with my other plugs tho, at least at the initial stage.

When I got a new posting letter, it was for a school close to where I plan me to stay. But because I had the luxury of a proper plug, I asked to change it again. I should really stop sinning cos remembering the great graceI enjoyed during that time is making me smile. This man really made it happen even though one of the heads at the secretariat didn’t like the request letter I brought which meant I had to do a lot of running around. Agodi to Felele multiple times, tears.

I finally got where I wanted, glory to God. In retrospect, staying at the school wouldn’t have been such a bad idea but that’s that.

The next post will be about the main part of my NYSC experience, or my stay in this state, which turned out somewhat better and at the same time worse than I expected.


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