NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] P.O.P Rush

How many whatsapp groups did you join during your Nysc days or how many are you now as a current corp member? I had three of those groups on my phone and i struggled all through the year not to loose my cool over the dumb and dry jokes, annoying questions and stuffs that go on there.

On the other hand, these groups have helped me many times than twice with some confusing Nysc information. All i just had to do was stay mute. I can count how many times i typed in those groups.

There have been speculations about batch B stream II passing out date but we kept on getting counter responses from Nysc official pages to disregard the circulating news. I already tuned my mind to be passing out of Nysc in January, i mean why the rush?

I was laid back at home trying with all my strength not to worry about what lies ahead of me after Nysc. ‘Trying with all my strength not to worry‘ was me being held in fear of uncertainty. My emotions switched tempo when i got a credit alert of #41,100 in my Nysc allowee account. My eyes popped out at the reality of what that meant. Choi! Nysc is finally over because that was a double pay of the #19,800 from the Federal Government.

I saw about seventy something unread whatsapp messages on my phone, i knew already that they were a flood of dramatic responses from corp members. It turned out that our final clearance would be on the next day, 20th December and the passing out event/issuing of certificate would be on the 21st of December. OMG!!!

My head whirled round in confusion of how to begin the whole procedure. The following day boomed in a blink, i clad on my khaki like an armour – ready to tackle the day’s task. Luckily the final clearance procedure went smoothly than i imagined. We were all in the mayhem together, finding a hustle partner for the day wasn’t a thing.

The D-day came with a speedy rush of adrenaline. I made my way to the eye specialist for my appointment which i couldn’t afford to miss. All efforts to hasten up crashed in my face when i got to the Nysc camp at Iyana Ipaja for my certificate and it was the closing hour already. Damn i just couldn’t cry! I felt so defeated seeing my mates flaunting their certificates on the gram.

I survived the hell of traffic from Iyana Ipaja back home to curl in my bed. I woke up with renewed hope and strength for the new day. Peeps were beginning to ask why i haven’t shown off my certificate, i just went on in silence to the eye specialist for my visual tests.

The journey from Ikeja to Ojelegba lasted well over 2 hours, i just kept on swallowing the lump of fear that was coming to my throat. I couldnt afford to haggle prices with the biker when he said #500 from Ojuelegba to the Nysc secretariat.

Let me spare you the story of another hour of stuggle to pick up my certificate. Relief set in in no time – i was red with excitement about the success.

Nysc internship period at the Consolidated Media Associate was the best time of my life. Gist about that will soon be up in another blog post. I am nervous about the next phase but i know it will be beautiful.

It is not enough to congratulate me peeps. Your referral for writing jobs, web content develeopment, social media management, OAP stuffs will do me so much good.

As much as it gives me joy to write about these past events, i’ld really love to read about yours too. Drop me comments about your Nysc P.O.P or how you imagined it to be.


Love Always!



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