NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Tai’s Last Day

Her name was Taye but she picked out of her wonder bag that she rather be called ‘Tai.’


The students at her place of primary assignment in Ibadan used to called her ‘Corper T.’


It all went down on the 3rd of April, 2014 when she expired her last breathe. It was going to be her Nysc monthly clearance for the month.


She had her khaki pressed and boots cleaned after waking up that fateful morning.


Who says testifying to a new day guarantees you the whole day?

Corper T just took a nap and from there she passed on to eternal exit…..


Are you wondering why this tragic story made it to my Nysc Diary? Corper T was my blood sister whom till date i still grieve her demise…


Tell me again that the maker gives and takes – i know!


Relay your heartfelt condolence one more time *scoffs* i know i will never see her again.


Rest in peace sis!


This explains the roman numeral tattoo i have in my previous post. (Save me your preachings about tattoos biko)


Source: Sa’eedah Wits

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