NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] First Time On A Horse

Hi Readers, have you read my “FRIGHT IS FUN” post? If you haven’t, you leave me no choice than to compel you to do so HERE. If you have, lets wait for our new friends who went to read my previous post(s).

There i was, after my Nysc monthly clearance…….

I asked the bus conductor for the 6th time in 2 minutes for my #250 change as per Lakowe to New Road junction is #250.

Who else gets irritated about how those rugged brothers squeeze your fist for their money and delay your own change till it skips your mind. (Oh! Sorry am i still the only chic that hops on buses???)

I hopped down the bus anyways and this girl surfaced from God knows where to smile at me – only for her to stylishly start racing with me.  Lmao! I dont blame her, my local government warrants us  to be orderly corpers.

Thoughts about my punctuality were begining to build up in my head as the muslim corper crossed the road along with me.

I sat prepared for another long exhausting day when our *you-know-who* stepped out for her usual speech.

As wonders would have it, the whole of my manual clearance and biometric procedures happened in a blink. (i sang victory songs when i was on the queue).

Since everyone has read my “FRIGHT IS FUN” post, you already know that my next stop is “ALPHA BEACH.”

The motive hasn’t changed from having a serene time as the mami water (mermaid) that i am. Cos hey! i was cold as hell, i just did not mind.

So i sat looking and pretending not to think about my dream chaser corper friend whom i saw at the exit, then the horse passed –  i decided in less than half a minute to get on the it.

Whatever i was thinking – see my pictures, i think they are dope.

Time is the only thing i wish was mine cos i envisage the future of every moment, so i can refer to some times in the past as beautiful….I am your writer of places, events and memories.

Dont stop reading my blog i am great girl.


Love Always!



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