NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Fright is Fun

Wear your ID card around your neck!!!

Tuck in your vest!!!

Do not sag your khaki!!!

Do not chew gum!!!

Sit your ass under the canopy!!!

And wait for your turn!!!


The LGI (Local Government Inspector) of Eti Osa III will sing this anthem to our (corp members) ears as many times as she still has her voice.

Madam no nonesense doesnt care about your height nor status before she serves it hot to you. Her right hand drawer is filled with query letters ready to be shoved into your throat if you do anyhow!

Annoying CDS meetings and the hell to get one’s clearance done – i believe are the reasons why people tag Nysc as crap.

4months a corp member, i have been doing well at not being consumed by the undue stress right from camp days. The humour side i turn at the whole frustrating events i pray will take me through. I ensure not to be a scape goat too.

The hustle is real but i cannot afford to be drained. If i cannot get to the local government secretariat early enough, i equip myself with patience to wait till the end of the day without grumbling.

After all said and done for my May clearance, i couldnt choose priming the frustrating day by retiring home to be alone. Life is too short to be swallowed by undue pressure. I hopped on the next available bike to Alpha beach (not far from my LG) to cool off my steaming head.

Usually i find my comfort under any of the sheds to watch the rattling waves for a while before loud music sets in and i leave for home.

There were other corp members under the shed with the same motive as mine. I sat across a new friend listening to his dream to own a ranch. I downed my cold bottle of malta guiness as i thought about my To-Do list too.

Without further thoughts i told my friend that i wanted to walk on the rock stones in the water. It wasnt a big deal to him, he just agreed and off we went.

My staggering steps made him know it was big deal to me and i had to let him know it was top on my To-Do list.

It was a different view watching from under the shed (who born me make i near the water). I could feel the wave too closely, i shivered.

I tried waving the superstitious thoughts about mami-water off my head as i began to think of my 200level knowledge of “deep sea acclimatization.”

For a fact i knew i wasnt going to make it if i fell but for another firm fact i knew i was never going to get sloppy to slip off. I walked to the last largest rock stone in the water to see the ocean closely.

I was scared to panties but i enjoyed every atom of fright built up in me. This did not mean to me like playing with my life (cos i was conscious enough lol). It was just exploring my fear instincts.

Life in the real world of labour market can be scary for a fresh graduate(me in question) you know? What i want to become and how to become it, where i want to be and where i am, how i am going to make it and when exactly i will be made…..all of these and more are the thoughts i carry in my mind daily as i sojourn in this Nysc internship journey.

Walking over the rock stones in the ocean was just a practice in conquering my fears.

I guess noone takes a classroom course in being fearless. We all just have to prepare for life events yea?


Love Always!



Source: Sa’eedah Wits

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