NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Tips For Incoming Corp Members

On my final account, i will say that another vital purpose of the National Youth Service Corps is for able youths to give back to the society as corp members.

Whether you graduated from a private or government institution, everyone passes through this measure. (even people who studied abroad).

To the much that i have learnt through all of the sensitization programmes and lectures, I want to start my own quotar of giving back to incoming corp members (no matter how little).

I have below a long list of items for incoming corp members that will guarantee you a swell stay on the camp.

I summed it all up from all the blogs i surfed through while i was preparing to go to the camp and it really did help my stay.

You dont want to know how blank i was about what things to get despite how much i asked people around. But this list did help.

​Having prepared your mind that you are not going to a place of luxe nor comfort as life in Nysc camp is deliberately made stressful to gird up corp members for future challenges.

Ensure to be equiped with the following (by order of importance):-



* Callup Letter

* Green Card

* Statement of Result

* School ID Card

* Passport photographs(12 or above)

* A Clear Bag File (to house the above items)

NB – Make about 10 photocopies each for these documents. Quick need will call for them. You cant bear to always queue at business centres.


IMPORTANT ITEMS (For your Convenience)

* Stapler, pin and office gum (save you the stress of borrow borrow!! Alot of peeps ‘borrowed’ from me though)

* Two or three packs of white T-shirts and shorts. That makes 6 or 9 each (You will be given two sets but you may not like the quality)

* Two or three pairs of socks and a white rubber tennis.


(You dont want to do preshun!!! with Addisas footwear like i dumbly did before i got my sure rubber tennis.


Those shoes are life savers on the camp trust me!

* Flip-flops and Dettol

* Two plastic buckets

(You can buy it in the camp though it

will be more expensive) and a permanent marker.


* Sponge and its case, bath-soap and detergent

* Bed sheet, towel and wrapper and two pairs of casual wear


* Mosquito Net (not compulsory) I wasnt used to it so i did not use mine.

* Handkerchiefs (the heat doesnt promise to be friendly)

* Waist bag (very very important for housing your phones, ID Cards, Handkerchief, pen, etc)

* Water bottle

* Non metal Cooler, Cup and spoon (I did not use my cooler anyways)

* Torchlight

* Your ATM card(s) ofcourse. (There were 3 atm points at theLagos camp).


* Phone and charger (any other electronic device like extension boxes would be siezed at the entrance and if eventually found in the dorm)

* Beverages (I would have listed this first as i no dey use my flat belle play at all)

* Sanitary items for the ladies.

* Above all, plenty of EGO (cash) is needed.


Ensure to go early enough. Registration stress no be yam!


Like i stated earlier, electric aplliances like iron, boiler and stuff are not allowed.


Registration and other processes wont be new to you after a minute.


Enjoy your 20/21 days stay!!!


I hope this post helps?


Love Always!


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