NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Man ‘O’ War Drill

If anybody who is neither sick nor pregnant claims to have gone to the Nysc Orientation camp without partaking in the Man ‘O’ War drill, a lie detector device should be brought to use to be sure if the person went or not.

What then is the Orientation camp without the drill activity? I should ask.

The National Youth Service Corps from my own point of view was initiated for the major course of integration. (Ordinarily, i wouldnt have lived with so much igbos if not for Nysc camp.

The millitary mode of conduct at the camp not being the corps members usual way of life is geared towards sound discipline, endurance and teamship spirit.

The uniform appearance and parade activities cannot be underemphasized in an average Nigerian youth’s life.

Its significance goes a long way even in remolding our careers. There have been testimonies of soldier doctors, nurses, engineers and other millitary specialities that have emerged as a result of being through the 3weeks orientation camp of the Nysc.

I personally felt like i omitted something while i was drafting this series of MY NYSC DIARY because my Man ‘O’ War drill pictures werent ready yet.

Believe me the drill wasnt any much of a biggie as people exclaimed it to be. (Maybe i was being too phlegmatic sha)

Though I sweated all my Black Opal foundation off at the drill. *I think thats just the only precaution i’ld say to my sistergirls to take before stepping out for the drill. Just save your dripping swag and makeup in the dorm abeg.

There i was:-


PS – Bros no be paparazzi i go do for there ooo!

……………to be continued……….


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