NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Quick Amebo

Been long time coming – everyone says to me to add some seasoning of “amebo” to my posts so i can be like the next Linda Ikeji. . What if i dont want to be like mama Linda neither lesser than her big figure? What if i wanna be a greater Sa’eedah Imam!

This time, my adamancy might not work – not even in the enviroment of all sorts of exauberance that i found myself. I mean the Nysc Orientation camp of Eko ile (Lagos State).

So lets make this a quickie (somebody excited?) Bring your ears close to my lips, let me tell you.

Report had it from the camp director that, the sanitation department complained about the corps members in the female hostel downfloor being way too filthy.

Only for the following morning, the particular perpetrator was caught in the act of throwing her poop (feces) in the trash can. Eeeeeewwww!!! She turned out to be a married woman (Pastor’s wife for that matter).

You no go blame my oga madam! Shortput fit don master mama too mush na hin make her loose-guard. *Lmao*

I thought this was never going to happen. *clears throat*

It happened that this young lady (lets call her Goldie) and this active young guy (lets call him Dockie) were caught in a suggestive position after light-out at the mami market.

The arithmetic of their posture na hin be say Goldie sidon for Dockie leg dey grind as sojo be con catch them! Lobatan!!! (Joko lesho things oshaaamo).

3weeks too long to hold body, Konji no be eazy thing my broda. Looool

My own be say; shey they use condom??? Make all the sensitization no go waste *lwtmb*



………..to be continued………….



PS– Make i hear say you dey form say you never soft shortput abi reason quickie before???


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