NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Drills, Events & Boys

It became very disturbing for me to adjust my wake up time from 4am to 2am – no thanks to the soldier women’s crying whistles and banging doors.

I have never been burgled of my sleeping comfort like that before. It was never enough to grumble or form a crying face when the sudden bugle screams for us to wake up cos those uniformed moguls dont give two hoots about you.


Move it! Move it!! Move it!!!
You are walking you are wrong!
I am standing you are walking!
Move your body!!!

Whenever (often times though) i hear this chant, it is real hot beans for me. Frog jump was always the resolve! It only takes a soldier who still has little strands of the hearing nerves to grant me 2 seconds mumbling audience to explain my itinerary as an OBS announcer. Usually it is alignment before excuse. (Follow the last word of command)

Other times when i’m off-duty and find myself on the parade ground, i just always prayed the sound engineers play Daddy Yo by Wizkid. That would still make it fun to shake the sticky slumber off my body. *lol* Sadly without Daddy Yo, i enjoy to “Hold something! Hold something!!…..” That was the Man ‘O’ War chant for grabbing somebody else’s waist while we jogged.

The countdown chant of “how many more days left…” can be relieving too.

Theres this other one like….

Shoe get size!
Okrika get quality!

I was not entirely groggy neither as though lazy. Trust me i understand all the parade commands – it just amuses my silly self too much when those commandants yell. Loooool

Beware of me when i have my dark Rayban shades on – that is me on my dozing kit, partly awake and partly listening to the lectures.

Sensitization they call it, i hop to life when i hear a word punchline or two. SAED (Skill Acquisition Entreprenurship Development) lectures werent bad at all. I joined the fashion designing class. (I have a thing for that stuff)


The pressure was reducing by the day as social events started taking place in the evenings. Interplatoon dance and drama competitions really began to stir the tense atmosphere.

I featured once as a co-anchor and it was lit to at least not just be in the crowd.

I changed my notion about the camp being arid since when we turned up with Vector, Cdq and Eva Alordiah at the camp blast courtesy Beat Fm. Then i realised the thrilling thing people boast of about Lagos Nysc Camp

I wish i had the guts and knew how to do Small Doctor‘s penalty dance when Guiness had him over at the mami market, na me for win the prize. *yimu* Though it was fun cheering from the crowd too.


Lets say i percieved the mami market to be slightly overrated judging from what i have heard. It couldnt have been anything else other than where we could get our daily needs.

I go there to do my laundry, charge my phone and get what to eat. There were different spots where i have tasted different igbo soups including Oha and Afang soup.

Flying gists have it that alot of things go down in the DM of mami market. I know you want to hear.

Lest i sound totally phlegmatic, i hangout a few times at mami with the BOYS and my girls them, for a couple of drinks after dinner. It just doesnt go down well with me sitting in aggitation of being whistled in by the soldiers in no time. Thats why i would rather be indoor.


Overrated would still be the word. I complained to my bff back at home each time he called, about how seemingly conservative the boys were. (Make i no use the whole mouth talk – na only my gurls wey sabi go fit relate)

Probably i still dont get the exact picture of the tales behind all those camp romances i heard before heading down. (I told you i heard too much)

All in all, by virtue of pleasantries and free spiritedness, two out of over a thousand boys in the camp made it to be my friend. Though they each lamented that i did not come with enough interactive hormones. I just replied with one line of Yemi Alade ft Phyno‘s track :- I’ve gat a man at home…..

…………to be continued………

PS- Make he no be like say me sef no try for camp as i never still sabi as people dey always yarn say na that 3weeks na hin person go jaye pass for person life.


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