NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Found My Feet

My book of elementary science has long taught me that; adaptation is one of the vital traits that makes up a functioning human being.

I imagined this to mean that, one’s level of adaptation to a new enviroment as reflected in one’s behavioural approach determines one’s level of humanity.

In no time i have put all this science hypothesis into experiment. From a mere shy smile, I advanced to exchange of pleasantries and further dialogue with my roommates.

I told you in the previous post that most of them were igbos from Imo, Anambra, Enugu and so on. You needed to hear them hailing me – their Yoruba room leader as if we had stayed to together for more than two days.

Only few of them would be youger than i am (aziiin all of them be mamas and ndi nwunye(wives) for their villages) , so i devised a more grounded humour technique than the unprocessed one i brought from home base to relate with them and even convey orders from the sanitation department. (And it kind of worked)

I began to learn a word and more in igbo language to tease them. I taught Ulomma, Chiamaka, Ada and the rest of them few of our Yoruba slangs too. (Trust me that was fun!)

My complexion yet managed to be pronounced amongst the spotless yellow pawpaw igbo ladies in my room, so they still referred to me as oyinbo! Amarachi categorically calls me Nwaayiocha! (fair skin girl)



As y’all know that this is the group where people who love to talk (like me) rush to. The criteria was either you studied masscom, journalism, languages and related courses or if you have profound communication skills, both of which qualified me to be a member. (Yes i have double certificates in broadcasting *pops collar*)

I was appointed as one of the ANNOUNCERS whom the whole camp hear their voices over the public address system. Am sure you are not suprised about this nah???? No be wetin una expect???

All that wasnt as fun as it sounded bro! My duty schedule be so tight – i barely get to socialise with other peeps.

Since i have declared to be adapting already, i guess camp was begining to make half sense to me afterall……

…………to be continued………..

PS – Yes i miss HOME so badly! I cant wait to be back to the luxury of stretching my legs while i type on my sleek HP laptop and sipping some American Honey.

Thank God am not fat, this rickety bunk would have just sprung of


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