NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Welcome to Orientation Camp

Since i got the big news that ended the waiting season of my life, preparations began to rumble all around me to get all i needed to ensure me a smooth stay on camp. I told you previously that i was posted to Lagos state shey? (One of the 7 wonders of the world) Booooooo at y’all who wished me far Northern states. God pass Una!

I have had my ears brimmed with different people’s experiences about the Nysc camp. Aaaarrrrggghhh!!! Everybody had one warning or precaution to state to me; even stream I corpers dey claim say they dey there. Damn! I got tired in no time cos i no longer knew what to expect. I lost all the zeal already.

Broad street of the Lagos Island market felt the storm of my shopper cousin and i when we went to buy my Nysc kits. That was after i had drafted a long list of things to get from several Nysc blogs i have been stuck to. (You see how people wont give up on their tales of Nysc same as i have also started on here???)

Ikota shopping complex would sure miss me and the bulk of shopping bags i lifted off from there the following day. You dont wanna know how heavily i loaded up even to the least of flip-flops…

I checked my call-up letter online again to be sure i wasnt posted to Sokoto or Yobe before i proceeded to the Iyana’paja orientation camp in Lagos. It seemed so much of ease just travelling from Lakowe to Iyana’paja via a yellow cab.

From the entrance i knew IT was HAPPENING! Different categories of uniformed officers searched me thoroughly to panties before i was granted entry. The flood of crowd was already passing the message to me while having to drag my beverage packed bags all the way was the first calory burning exercise for my skinny self. Lord why???

ACCOMMODATION took about 45 minutes to be sorted – in between which my mum, sis and bff did not stop ringing my phone for how i was. Climbing 6 staircases to the top floor of room 38 was the next gymnastic activity *wipes sweat*

I wasnt confused to be consoled by being made the room leader right on the spot (that was incidentally because i input my name first.) Why me!!!

Top bunk was just fine for me – boarding school days have taught me not to settle for less of being on the down bunk.

CULTURIZATION began for me in no time as it turned out that over 15 of the 22 room occupants were igbo ladies. I sure say i go learn before i comot here.

REGISTRATION was a heavy bag of stress that i carried all day. The long queue was made in the Republic of China. Pregnant women and nursing mothers did not add to the fun at all….. then i wanted to curse everyone who told me Nysc Camp was fun.

PS- Wiping sweat and panting seriously!!! Pls you know how to use the COMMENT BOX and FOLLOW MY BLOG. I need all the hugs, massage and cooling down i can get right now!


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