NYSC DIARY: [Sa’eedah Imam] Call-Up Letter

After all said and done HERE, I told you i still continued in my patient religion of waiting as i did all through 2016.

Not that my hands have been entirely folded though, i have been up to some stuffs, but the waiting has been prominent in my graduate life.

OCTOBER came eagerly with NYSC online registration, seeing those Northern states looking me in the eyes like whatchYhu-gon-do scared the burning hell out of me. Just one faint hope of the Southwest; i sighed in a sinking bowl of self pity.

Waiting has been the main order of the day for me, i can swear i am the most patient young lady you can ever come across *sobs*.

I practically glued my palm of fate to my cheeks, waiting for the D-day when on the 20th of November, NYSC website poured me a cold juice of shock that i wasnt in stream I. I remembered texting my bff that “what would i do with my adult life???”

I cant stop praising the most high for taking me through the waiting period. On the 15th of January, my small techno phone finally announced the breakthrough….

I doubt if i slept till 19th of January when i punched my details on the NYSC website for LAGOS state to be staring bodly at me like……

PS- As you all know my story, i am happy to begin this series of my NYSC journey with y’all – i hope you enjoy it.

…………to be continued…………


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