2017 Batch ‘B’ Mobilization: Fraud Alert!

The NYSC Management wishes to alert the general public to the activities of some fraudsters who offer to secure postings to preferred states for Prospective Corps Members.

Such criminally minded fellows dupe gullible PCMs and their parents/guardians of their hard earned money by claiming to have influence on the deployment process.

Management wishes to advise all PCMs and the rest of the public to be wary of such fraudsters to avoid falling victim to their nefarious activities.

We wish to state categorically that deployment of PCMs to various states is absolutely free of charge, and is also an automated process with very minimal human interference.

Management is working with relevant security agencies to ensure that these fraudsters are apprehended just as we also warn that PCMs that have any dealings with them risk being prosecuted as well.

All PCMs are advised to make their choice of four states and wait for deployment through the automated process.

Thank you.



Source: NYSC (Facebook)

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