I Sucked My Thumb From Childhood till My NYSC Service Year. Here’s My #LetsGetHonest Story

I loved to stay on my own. Intensely introverted, carried away by tales of flying knights and imaginary foes, I read my way to isolation. I was completely horrible at making friends. I’d rather stay at a corner in a room than move around. I dreaded going to parties, even as a teenager.

So I sucked my thumb as I flipped through pages of books – all kinds, any kind. But, those books that I read have helped me immensely. My love for the English Language and the aptitude for its usage did not come from the confines of a University classroom where I studied English Language. No. It came from the books I read while I wallowed in my self-inflicted misery.

Today, years after transforming that love to a paid job, harnessing the power of social, especially #LinkedInR, to carve a niche for myself – I know that it is possible to turn that seemingly terrible incident during your formative years to your advantage. As they say, without a mess, you cannot have a message.

P.s: how did I stop sucking? Lol. I just did! I told myself “you’re getting too old for this o, it’s time to stop.” It was a struggle, but I did it! Please share yours.


Source: Tolulope Olorundero (LinkedIn)

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