NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Becoming a Senior Corps Member

It’s official, i’m now a senior corps member.

BATCH A 2015 corps members passed out yesterday, 14th April, 2016 – i’m super excited. Their passing out draws my passing out date nearer, it also means less noise on my CD group Whatsapp chat. Fam, those Batch A boys are noisy. They chat all day and share Primary school jokes in the group – glad they’re gone. I’ll miss a few of those that passed out yesterday but i’m generally happy most of them are gone.

Did i mention that Federal government delayed our monthly allawee longer than usual this month? , they didn’t even have the decency to add small interest on it when they finally paid.

BTW, i’m in trouble again. Trouble seems to follow me everywhere these days. My LGI has my CD card, it seems i’m getting another undeserved red biro mark in it. Last Monday, i went to CDS but left a tad early because nothing was happening. Most secretariat staff were not even around but trust my LGI to do something crazy. She showed up by almost 1pm and started the roll call – well, you know the rest. See you around….


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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