NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] My First Experience With Amala and Ewedu

I love food, everybody who knows me knows that. I’m a proud foodie and i’m not afraid to shout it from the roof top. I’m also a really adventurous person when it comes to food, that’s one of the habits i picked up in secondary school. I can try every meal at least once, so this week i tried out the much talked about Amala.

Fam, i’m not sorry to say this – there’s nothing special about Amala, ewedu and stew. The taste is basic and not strong enough to excite my Port Harcourt -Akwa Ibom taste buds. I’ll never understand why people over hype it. Eating Amala and Ewedu felt like eating watery draw-soup and over soft eba – nothing new. Just so you know, the Amala and ewedu i ate was from a well patronized mama put in Lekki – everybody claims they’re the best around.

Someone suggested, i add gbegiri to the mixture next time ; i’ll try that – hope it tastes better than sawdust.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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