NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Preparing For Valentine

I’m tired of hearing people talk about Valentine’s day – it is annoying. They’re hyping it as if it won’t come and pass. ‘It’s just one day’ – i keep telling everybody. I’m trying really hard not to hate their enthusiasm. They’re annoying me.

The other day, one small boy who drives his father’s car to CDS asked me to be his Val because he overheard me saying ‘I don’t have Valentine plans’. Can you imagine the nonsense?, all because of Valentine. Well, i made sure he got a suitable clapback .

‘I don’t do little boys, strictly men’ , that was my response to him. I don’t like boys my age or remotely close to my age, they’re too immature and i ain’t got time to baby sit anybody. I prefer guys who are atleast 4 years older. I consider it a grave insult when a guy my age says he likes me in any other way more than the ‘friends way’. My inner auntie wakes up and shows the boy why i’m not his size.

In other news, January allawee finally showed up on Friday. Boys were so happy, especially those who tied their Valentine plans to it. The excitement was so much and i had to mute my CD group WhatsApp. That’s how they’ll spend their one month allawee on Valentine :rolleyes: . As for the girls leaving town for Valentine, better come back before Monday – i’m not signing attendance for anybody.

I and some girl friends who are val-less tomorrow are trying to pretend it doesn’t matter by taking ourselves Kart-racing. We intend to take loads of pictures and splash on social network with the tag ‘Who cares about Valentine?’. The problem is ‘i do care’. Would rather be hanging out with bae than kart-racing (God help me if my girls read this).

Seriously praying for Valentine day to mysteriously disappear. Would be grateful to sleep tonight and wake up to Monday – I wish.

I’m working tomorrow that’s another thing that irks me. It’s bad enough to not have plans, but working a 4-hour shift makes it worse. :(

Can Monday come already?


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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