NYSC Terminates Posting Of Engineers To Teach In Primary And Secondary Schools

The National Youth Service year comprises of the orientation course, primary assignment, community development services and winding-up/passing out.
The orientation course lasts for three (3) weeks, that is, 21 days. It is designed for Corps members to know the various objectives of the NYSC scheme, to instil discipline in the youth Corps, and to acquire skills to succeed in life.
At the end of the orientation, Corps members are posted to their place of primary assignment. While the NYSC Management takes into consideration the areas of specialization of Corps members carrying out the posting exercise, emphasis is placed in rural posting in the areas of Agriculture, Health, Education and Infrastructure.
However, majority of the Corps members were posted to teach in primary and secondary schools irrespective of their area of specialization except those in the medical field.
The breaking news to the graduates of engineering field is that the NYSC has concluded plans to stop the posting of Engineers to primary schools, secondary schools and other places of primary assignment different from engineering sectors. The agreement was reached by the Directorate of NYSC and Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).
Meanwhile, the Engineering graduates are anxiously waiting to see if they are going to implement the said agreement come this Febraury, 2016.
Should the Engineers be posted to engineering institutions or the educational sector? Let’s have your views below.

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