NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Lagos Healed Me

I have a testimony. A really big testimony. Since childhood i have suffered from ‘motion sickness’. It was so bad that i always fell ill whenever i spent more than 20 minutes in a moving vehicle. I would be sick for hours sometimes days though i had somehow succeeded in masking the symptoms.

My head would buzz for days after a short trip from Port Harcourt to Uyo. My sight would stay foggy for days. I avoided unnecessary trips and stayed in with my computer.

One of my Father’s worries when i got posted to Lagos was the traffic. Everybody at home worried about the time i would spend on the road and how sick i may became. I was determined to come to Lagos, so i left home. I used to suffer motion sickness most mornings on my way to work but nobody noticed because i’m ”Chatty Jules”.

Here comes my testimony. Just last week, it suddenly hit me ‘I haven’t experienced motion sickness in a while despite the terrible traffic situation’. Lagos healed me, thank you Lagos.

This week i got into trouble. I have been a good girl for too long and it was becoming boring. My CDS card was seized by my LGI. Everybody said i was in ‘major’ trouble but somehow i couldn’t get serious about it.

The card was seized on Monday after a friend submitted it on my behalf. I was absent from CDS taking care of personal issues when it happened. My friend was badly shaken by the incident. I bet she felt bad that it happened under her watch. She sent me zillions of WhatsApp messages offering solutions on how my card could be retrieved – she’s such a nice person. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe we just became friends 3 weeks ago.

She’s from the South-eastern part of Nigeria, is a Port Harcourt girl just like me and is working towards opening her fashion house immediately after NYSC. I like her a lot, she’s one of those really ambitious people who hate unproductive stress like going through Lagos traffic.

Back to my CDS card. I knew there was no need to fuss over my seized CDS card. Fussing over it won’t change anything, it would only kill my joy. LGI would still talk an earful whether i fuss or not.

Here’s what i did. On Tuesday morning i headed to the Secretariat for clearance. As expected, the able, never tiring LGI was there. She’s a model civil servant. Always at her duty post and rarely late. I met some people with similar issues begging her, i stood behind them. She ignored the gathering, i pulled up a chair and practiced my ‘malaria face’.

You can’t ignore my ‘malaria face’. Nobody can. Infact, you’ll beg to pay my medical bills if i ever pull that stunt on you.

Luckily for me, i didn’t have to use the ‘malaria face’ as she got a phone call that made her very happy and forgiving. God bless that timely caller. She however signed ‘absent’ in my CDS card before returning it. I need to show up for two more CDS meetings before i absent myself again. 3 ‘Absent’ in a row equals query and 2 weeks extension of service year. I refuse to spend an extra day doing NYSC -God forbid bad thing!


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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