Rivers State Reviews Scholarship Programme

Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency have published a letter informing all student currently in receipt of a scholarship to return home. “In this light, all students are expected to do the following:
1. Make contact with the office and supply them with your current details
2. Send letters of consent/authoriszation authorising your schools to share academic and financial records with RSSDA your sponsor.

Kindly note that your refusal to do any of the above two directives will imply a voluntary withdrawal from the programme” [letter extract]

“His Excellency however also announced that he is determined that students should still successfully complete their studies but it may not now be tenable abroad.

He directed therefore that the Rivers State Government is making effort to source funds for students in their final year ending in 2016. All other students will need to return to Nigeria to continue their studies; the government will continue to fully sponsor them” [letter extract]

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