NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Lagos Girls Are Over Rated

Lagos girls are just as over rated as the city they live in. Some of them strut around as though they own the world when in reality; the second hand phone in their hand is the most valuable thing they’ve ever owned. They buy second hand clothes from Balogun and claim they went to Dubai to shop.

The most amazing ones are those who do full facebeat, hop into a bus with their friends and lap each other. Una no dey shame? . Port Harcourt girls will rather trek, sorry stroll instead of carrying another adult on their ‘lap’ in a bus.

Also, in Port Harcourt big girls don’t do buses. They have the contacts of many cab drivers who are always at their service. Buses are for commoners.

Another bad habit Lagos girls have is, you go out to eat lunch in a group; they conveniently remember they left their credit cards at home after food has been ordered. Oya, pay cash for yourself ; they start ‘i didn’t know we’ll do lunch’. Fam,i’m a really broke corps member. You can’t be forgetting your cash or card and expecting to eat free food, do i look like your maga?

This week, i finally understood what people mean by ”too many fakers crawling around Lagos Island”. They hire clean looking cabs, dress up real good and head to the Island to swindle the unsuspecting people. Should share a very interesting tale but i’ll stop at rants.

Lagos is full again and i’m back to getting stuck in traffic jams. The excessive traffic jam makes me miss Port Harcourt. We have traffic jams there but not nearly as much as Lagos . There’s no day without a major traffic shut down in Lagos.

Other than traffic jams, I’m beginning to love this city.

Some of my friends visited me at work today –my vegetarian friend and the girl that bears a variation of my name. Was so happy to see them, at least now everybody at work knows I’m not as friendless as I look. Hey look – I have friends.

P.S : NYSC DIARY is not fiction based. It is real.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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