NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Chased By an Egungun Masquerade, Licked by a Crazy Pet Dog

Last weekend was a drama-filled one. I started my day by pretending to jog around VGC. Jogging wasn’t really on my bucket list, the plan was to meet young athletic men my age. Sadly, it didn’t work out. There are no eligible bachelors in VGC. The place is loaded with old men with wives stored away in the America. I’m done fake-jogging.

Immediately after jogging last weekend, i dressed up and left home. Tired of the couch potato lifestyle. I’m officially into the business of seeking out old friends who moved to Lagos long before me. On my way out of VGC, i got chased by a dog who somehow escaped its owner’s grasp.

Fam, the dog raced towards me and i quickly took off. I ran very fast. The old guy who owns the dog who by the way is called ‘Bruno’ kept calling the dog back while also chasing after it. The dog kept pursuing me. I almost escaping when i fell on the floor. I quietly shut my eyes waiting for the dog to stick its teeth into me.

The dog simply licked my face and waited. When i opened my eyes, it was wagging it’s tail at me. It had a really beautiful sparkle in its eyes. The anger in me faded away instantly. I grew up around dogs and can forgive them almost anything just don’t spoil my shoes.

Bruno’s owner helped me up. He was really very sorry. After checking for scraps and discovering i had none, i told him i was fine and walked off.

Spent the rest of the afternoon with a friend and his family. We basically watched TV and discussed Lagos traffic . On my way back home, just by Agungi bus stop on Lekki-Epe Expressway i had my second dramatic experience of the day.

I had to disembark from the okada i had boarded before i got to the bustop because the road ahead was blocked. The Okada man said i could walk through the blockade to my destination. I didn’t realise why the road was blocked until i got midway: the locals were having a masquerade display Somehow, i hadn’t been looking and was almost in front of the masquerade.

The masquerade i later found out is called ”Egungun . I moved to side of the road, the masquerade followed. Fam, i jumped a gutter by the road side and ran into someone’s house. Not sure if the masquerade attempted to follow me. The owners of the house were nice though they kept laughing at me. I really didn’t mind. One of them took me through another route from where i boarded a bus to VGC.

Had to cancel all my Sunday engagements except church. My Saturday experience was enough drama for one weekend.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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