NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] My PPA is Sending Me to Europe and Why I Like Free Rides

Ritual season is over and I’m back to accepting free rides in the morning. Can’t thank God enough for the free rides. The rides save me the stress of walking to VGC gate from the house, sometimes they save me the stress of hustling a bus to Lekki. VGC people seem to enjoy dropping off their neighbors. Some even drop me off at the office gate.

Most people that drop me off always seem to like me – I’m not blowing my trumpet. They’re always impressed that a youth corps member leaves home as early as 5:30am. One lady even offered me a job. One man offered to introduce me to his ‘lazy’ son, said I could inspire him. Was almost asking ‘Oga, how much will you pay for weekly inspiration’.

Another thing that comes with the rides is free advice. Most always enquire about my career path and chip in an advice or two –I’m as grateful for the advices as I am for the rides.

I resumed at the office on Tuesday. I think this people are preparing me for a trip to Europe. The way they keep blasting the air conditioner. Can’t be for nothing. They’re secretly processing my VISA, I can’t believe otherwise. Something has got to give for this extreme cold. I need to start taking orders for the things I should buy while in Europe.

Been quiet and forming never hungry since I got back to work. I have also had an earpiece in my ear non-stop. They keep trying to figure me out but somehow they keep missing it. Since I’m a good person, I’ll spare them the headache and spill – it’s not that serious guys. I’ve withdrawn into my mind. Happens all the time. The earpiece in my ear, filters in soothing music so I don’t snap at everybody. I am weird like that sometimes.

Home to office transition hasn’t been easy. I hate seeing so many faces in the morning no matter how beautiful they look. I hate having to smile and say ‘Good morning’ sometimes. I also have to act nice when my inner bitch is wondering ‘Why is this one so happy this morning’, ‘What did you do last night’ …. As you already know I hate so many things. Here’s my excuse for this behavior – I’m a typical millennial, I prefer relating to people virtually than in person.

I know it’s bad behavior for someone working towards a future in corporate communications, that’s why I’m still here and not firing someone emails on why I should work from home. I just have to enjoy it – I’m trapped between the bedroom and boardroom. Let the winner take me.

Good news !!! My ghost corper friends are back :p . All of them. We’re having a get together in February. It’s going to be ”Hottt’’.

P.S : These people downstairs that always come to use our bathroom, what’s up? . This is 2016, borrow borrow never tire una?


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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