NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Bye Bye 2015

2015 has been a good year. A year of many firsts’ and I’m grateful for it. This year, my dad finally agreed that I’m an adult – I’m supposed to pay my bills and call him before I make any major decision; Nigerian Parents!!!. This year, I tasted Yoruba stew and watched people eating amala ; will certainly try eating it next year. I also learned how to get off a moving bus this year- I’m hot like that.

This year, has also been super challenging to healthwise. I’ve had to mask my pains and swallow my pills. I got tired of saying ‘‘I’m ill and womaned up to my responsibilities’’ despite my health challenges. Looking back to January, I just realized I’ve had to take pills every month for something other than the conventional headache and cold. I’ve also spent more days in bed than previous years; don’t pity me – sleeping is a fine hobby. I’m grateful for life and hopeful for 2016.

In 2015, I became an Eko Corper – that’s how this diary started. I’d love to end the year by giving thanks but what’s thanksgiving without a preceding rant?

First, the guys at the office una no try o. Nobody gave anybody ‘common’ Christmas card. Before you ask why I didn’t start the giving. Fam, you know I’m new and have to observe the existing culture before diving him. I swear, there was nothing Christmassy about the office. Last day of work, they barely looked up from their laptops when I yelled ‘Merry Christmas in Advance’ before skedaddling home. Guys, next year we’re having a party. I’m bringing cake and chocolate – we’re holding hands and singing kumbaya.

Then NYSC – I’m so pissed right now. Trying real hard not to burst a vein. How dare you expect me to apply before embarking on Christmas break, who does that?. You hear some NYSC rules and you want to ask ‘which zombie made that rule’. Do they Christmas plans for us?, NO!!!. but they want us to stay put. Even the army has Christmas plans for soldiers on the war front. Let me not talk too much before they track me down. Emm, special Christmas shout out to the NYSC Lagos State Coordinator, Mr Cyril Akhanemhe – I’m calling you on Christmas day for my chicken.

A little rant and I feel whole again.

My first thank you goes to my Dad. He’s the only father I know who complained for days after his troublesome daughter was posted to Lagos for NYSC. Thank you for complaining and making me more determined to stay in Lagos.

NYSC – Thank you for Lagos, thank you for a transparent posting process.

Nigerian Bulletin – Now, I’m going cry (someone please fetch the box of tissue). Thank you for having a lazy, troublesome somebody like me….Thank you .

Bishop Jay and Family : Your love makes me speechless

@ese – When I complain she listens and y’all know I complain a lot, right?. She puts up with all my drama not that I’m a drama queen – still in Princess Stage. I love this girl, it doesn’t matter that she’s the brain behind ‘Jules was not born to conquer the world from her bedroom’ – I still love her . Right now I’m calculating how much lunch and transport allowance she owes me – you better have my money. This girl has a good heart and is a very hardworking somebody. Let’s clap for her, maybe we should roll it for her NYSC style.

President Buhari – Thanks man for keeping the alawee flowing.

YOU – Yes You, stop looking back. I’m talking to you- Thank you for reading NYSC Diary, thank you for making me want to write more. Thank you for coming on Nigerian Bulletin to drop your comments in 2016, thank you for inviting your friends, thank you for not my plagiarizing my NYSC Diary, Thank you…..

This is @Jules shutting down NYSC DIARY for 2015. See you on the other side.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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