“I am fighting tears” Youth Minister Barr. Solomon Dalung says Zaria killings is injustice

Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Barr. Solomon Dalung, Friday in an article condemned the killings of Shi’a members in zaria describing it as injustice.  He says that the incidents were avoidable and he is heart broken by the needless carnage.  in an article Solomn Dalung writes:

“The heart piercing reports of the unfortunate but ugly developments in Zaria is apprehensive. I am not interested in the justification or otherwise of actions of the actors but concerned with wastage of human lives. I am fighting tears as I write after watching some of video footage of wastage of human lives especially of women and small children.

However, now that it has happened, I am appealing to the leaders of the Islamic Movement to exercise calm and embrace peace. There is nothing that happened without the knowledge of Almighty Allah, He Who knows all. If He allowed all these to happen then, let’s look up to Him, the Master of judgment. We shall all stand before Him to give accounts of our deeds.


As advocate of sanctity of human lives and unrepentant adherent of human rights jurisprudence, silence in the circumstance cannot be golden. Whatever would have been the good reasons for these ugly developments, in my judgment, it was avoidable by all those responsible. As leaders, we have a responsibility of rational decisions and actions. I do not think that in the circumstances, rational judgment was in the general well-being of humanity.

As for injustice, there is no question as to where I stand. I will do everything within my capacity to promote peace. We need peace more than ever before to move this country forward. Much as I stand for peace, love and unity, I detest acts of violence and terrorism. Again, I emphasize that the unfortunate Zaria clash was avoidable by every civilized standard. For those that lost their lives, I pray God to reward their good deeds with aljanatu fidausi, amen”


Source: Islamic Movement

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