NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] She Almost Died

Hello fam, sorry I’ve been MIA. This Lagos is crazy, it has a way of making time run too fast when someone has a lot to do. I’m slowly beginning to learn time management and discipline.I love Ikoyi. I love how old buildings stand next to spanking new ones. I love the serenity of the environment. The perfect blend of new and old money. My bus driver went through Ikoyi on Monday evening, fam, I liked what I saw. The place is peaceful, perfect for evening strolls, biking or just driving around. Unlike a few other highbrow areas of Lagos I have seen, I like the fact that Ikoyi doesn’t not smell like freshly minted notes.If i were rich enough, Ikoyi is the kind of place I would love to live in. Too bad, I’m still a broke a**. I love when old is perfectly blended with new. I’m a sucker for history and sometimes an ardent proponent against change. Change to me must be gradual, it must never be total. Only time I can permit total change is if the old is totally ruined and unsalvageable. Some people say I’m a hoarder, I really don’t mind- I’m simply preserving history. Still have my clothes from secondary school graduation.Told you I’ll find the fun in navigating bush tracks right?, Well, I finally did. Early Tuesday morning my cousin had to escort me to a motor park, fam, I scared him silly. We were navigating bush tracks when I suddenly realized how cool it would be to yell ‘snake, snake’. I pranked him and it totally worked. Was fun having him try to lift me up and run away. I enjoyed every minute of it . He didn’t get mad when he realized it was just a prank, he simply promised to retaliate- the day he tries it, I’m fainting.

I saw a little girl almost get killed on Tuesday. Can’t stop thanking God for her life. She’s a sweet little child and too young to be taken. I know sometimes God needs little angels in heaven but this one just wasn’t ready. She joined the bus at Ikorodu garage and was heading to school around Leventis area. Had a brief chat with her; her mama never told her never to talk to strangers but I made sure I did after our talk. She had so much energy and was sweet. When we got to Leventis, she was almost hit by our bus that had just dropped her off. She wasn’t watching the road well enough. If a kind lady hadn’t pulled her out of harm’s way , the rest would have been history.

Her story brings me to a sad trend I’ve noticed. In some parts of Lagos, children tend to travel long distances to get to public schools even when there are public schools within their vicinity. I’ll never understand it. The streets of Lagos are dangerous and often times merciless, why let your child travel miles alone. I think the government needs to create laws that stops children from enrolling in public schools outside their residential areas.

Late Tuesday evening, I realized I hadn’t prayed about my accommodation issue. Been praying about other things just not accommodation. How did I miss that?. I’m not a super religious person, I’m just a Baby girl who loves God. I called Bae and told him about it and he offered to pray with me. We said a brief prayer over the phone before going to bed that night.

Wednesday morning was crazy. Stood at the BRT terminal till 5:54am- No bus came. No BRT official even addressed us, they kept selling tickets and ignoring those who were asking ‘where is the bus?’. Just like most organizations run by the government, they felt they owed nobody any explanation. Had to resell my ticket to a lady who was willing to wait and find the nearest yellow bus.

Lagos house agents do not fear God. Imagine someone telling me to pay 230k for a slum in Jakande. There is a gutter and refuse dump just in front of the house. He said life is hard in Lagos so I’ll just have to manage it. Well, I didn’t reply him. I just walked away with the 2k I was supposed to give him for showing me a place; Life is hard in Lagos, I can’t part with 2k.

After seeing the slum, I was so fed up and confused. Why did I turn down better places in Ajah, why?. Still pondering on the matter, I called my Lagos Bishop and booked an instant appointment. Haven’t been in my church since I got to Lagos even though the Bishop had personally invited me. Ikorodu is just too far.

Few minutes into my meeting with the Bishop, I got accommodation. Fam, the Bishop and his wife offered me a room in their BQ in VGC at no cost. BQ or mansion, I’m officially a VGC chic!!!.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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