NYSC Protest in Nasarawa: Corp Members Request To Replace The Camp Commandant

The peaceful protest is currently taking place at the NYSC orientation camp in Nasarawa.

Arinze Esomnofu, Naij.com freelance columnist, reports live from Nasarawa.

According to Mr Esomnofu’s report, the corp members from batch B stream two flooded the camp streets protesting against the poor treatment they have been receiving from the camp commandant, Major O Owodele. The young people, reportedly visibly angry, are requesting the replacement of Major Owodele. The state NYSC coordinator is reported to be presently on the scene of the protest trying to calm the corpers.

The NYSC corp members in Nasarawa state took to the streets today, December 8, 2015, allegedly requesting the replacement of the camp commandant, Major Owodele.


Though the number of people having took to the streets is rather formidable, the protest is going on peacefully; as of now no property has been destroyed or damaged by the corps members.


Protesters on the streets of the Nasarawa NYSC camp. December 8, 2015.


Armed soldiers spotted on the streets of the Nasarawa NYSC camp. December 8, 2015.


UPDATE: Peace is gradually returning to the camp after the NYSC state coordinator has talked to the corp members. However, according to Arinze Esomnofu’s report, right now it is the time for evening parade, and the soldiers in solidarity with the camp commandant, Major O. Owodele, have refused to come out for it. “Perhaps, this is their own form of protesting,” says Mr Esomnofu. Moreover, rumours are going around the camp that the soldiers might decide to leave the camp premises for they are feeling insulted by the protest.


Source: Naij

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