NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] No Hugs at my PPA

Since the day I stepped out of camp, I’ve enjoyed tremendous kindness from strangers. People go out of their way to help me find my way round town , some even pay my bus fare.

Some pay the fare hoping to get my phone number, I’m always happy to disappoint such people. N150 doesn’t entitle you to my number, don’t come and worry my life .

Only problem I’m currently having is accommodation. I’m holing up with a family at Ikorodu. The place feels like the end of the earth. Fam, my village is more developed than Ikorodu. Just yesterday, I had to follow someone through a bush path to find a saloon to remove my weave. Can’t wait to run away from here. The only good things about the place are that goods/services are extremely cheap and it’s very quiet but , yes there’s a but- I didn’t leave Port Harcourt for a life in rural Lagos. I’m in Lagos to face the hustle and bustle of the town. There’s this fresh energy burst whenever I’m in a busy area, I become more creative.

Besides, I can’t meet Dangote’s son of I’m holing up in Ikorodu plus my PPA is extremely far from here. I want to live someone not too far or close to work, it would be an opportunity to see more of Lagos while going to work. I want a house that’s safe, in a semi-quiet area and I want neighbours.

I need to settle down fast so I can find a side hustle. I no come Lagos to count bridge.

Got an agent but dude somehow believes I’m Atiku’s missing daughter. He keeps finding places that are way above the budget we discussed. Had to get things straight yesterday so I told him , “ See, I’m not rich. My papa no get money, my boyfriend no get money, I never get sugar daddy. I be corfer”. He was shocked I could speak pidgin-English. Everybody thinks I’m an ajebo until money matter springs up and I show my kpako side.

That aside, the people at my PPA didn’t give me a hug when I walked in through the door. They were nice and kind but NO HUG, can you imagine that?. I think they were waiting for me to hug them – hug collector not hug giver please.

Got my Acceptance letter and was drafted into the Health CDS group because I studied Biochemistry in school. What are the Health issues I need to tackle in Lekki (Eti-Osa Local government area)?. Please send a mail to Nigerian Bulletin if you have any idea. Saw some corp members attending CDS at the LG Secretariat, they spent the time discussing marriage- how old is old enough to marry, can your partner stop your friends from visiting, can your partner go clubbing alone? .

NYSC needs to create call centres. It’s unfair to have local government Inspectors and Zonal Inspectors do call centre duties. They have to pick the phone whenever corp members from their areas pick and offer direction, it’s distracting and stressful. Some of them get so stressed and become extremely rude.

I and my vegetarian friend are in the same LG. Dude is a big boy o, goes round town in a cab that cost N12k per day . “Dude why don’t you drive your father’s spare car or hire a driver to help you drive it?”. Rich people and their lifestyle eh. Me, I’m jumping bus everywhere. Lost 4k on the road on Tuesday, people had to keep asking me ‘are you crying?’ . No I was not crying, something flew into my eyes.

My other friends keep calling though we’re yet to meet. Prosper is off to Kenya until next week, Deborah is preparing to leave for U.S on Friday, Aisha is trying to get a new PPA because the one she got is not a fun place, the friend who bears a variation of my name is hopping round Lagos trying to do registration.

My teddy bear-like friend got rejected and is trying to find a new PPA. I’ve finished registration.

Almost had a heart attack on Wednesday afternoon. Was in a BRT bus when we passed by a car that hit a BRT from behind when the people in my bus suddenly chorused “Aah”. Fear gripped me and i turned round to check what was new. It was nothing new, they were ahing over the accident scene we had just passed. Na wa for una o, everything aaah.

P. S: NYSC DIARY has been extended to last the whole of my service year. Thank you all for reading, hope you keep reading as I talk about my life as an Eko ‘corfer’ – p is f in Lagos.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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