NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Unleashed

I feel different. I know more people today than I did few weeks ago. I’m also more worried about the future of Nigeria than I was few weeks ago.

I leave camp today, been here for 20 days; 19 days officially. Met a lot of people from different parts of Nigeria; made some friends and a few enemies. I know some friends will stay on for life while others will move on after camp. The friendships forged in camp were kind of forced as people had to reach out to each other as a means of survival. We were forced to forge bonds, forced to shut out the world.

I no longer believe the NYSC should be scrapped, would love to see it rebranded to cater to the present needs of Nigeria. Some programs and meaningless traditions need to go, we need to make new ones.

I’m eager to face life outside the camp, eager to mingle in Nigeria’s commercial capital. I feel blessed to have been posted to Lagos without stress, happy I didn’t bribe my way here. If you believe in God and divine destiny then you’ll understand why I feel happy. I believe a man’s path is pre-ordered to the fulfilment of a particular purpose.

Aww, sounding too deep for me. Let’s talk about my day.

Woke up really early to shower. Also did a little repacking before going back to sleep. The air was super charged this morning, Everybody is happy to leave camp. We’re all hugs and sweet on each other. My cheeks have been over-pecked and my little body hugged one too many times.

Nobody discussed posting this morning, what’s the point in fidgeting over something you cannot control?.

Parade started really late, African time. It was a beautiful ceremony, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode sent a representative. Lagos state NYSC Coordinator, Mr Akhanemhe Cyril .A. gave a beautiful speech; we clapped like crazy.

Soon the parade was over and it was time to get our posting letter. Choi, my heart beat so hard that I feared all those around me could hear the sound. Friends gathered round, everybody had an forced smile.

After the first set of letters was shared by my platoon officer, Corp members realized that we had nothing really to fear.

My vegetarian friend was one of the first to collect his’. The request letter he submitted was honoured.

“They’ll honour yours. See you at cds “, he reassured me.

I never line up for anything in camp, I hustle the queue –go to the front and beg to be let into the line or join those forcing their way into it (bad manners, yes I know). In less than 5 minutes of hustling the queue, My letter is in my hands, my request had been honoured.
I chat a bit before heading back to the hostel to grab my luggage.

Mr Akhanemhe is standing just in front of the camp secretariat, collecting High-fives from happy corp members. I go in for a hug. I like the man just like most other corp member . He’s a listener, he never discredits youth and is passionate about his job. I’ll miss hearing “If you drop it, you flush it”.

Someday soon, I’m going to nominate him for aa “man of the year” award.

While I stroll out with my box, my friends keep calling. All except one are happy with their posting. I console him on phone and we discuss the process of rejection.

I look around me one last time before I walk through the gate, I’ll never forget NYSC Iyana Ipaja camp. I hope Lagos is ready for me.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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