NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Camp Fire Night Without Fire in Lagos

I was seriously disgusted by the Saturday morning drills – why can’t they let me breathe? . It’s unfair to make me get up this early after closing yesterday’s show way after lights out. I want my bed, I want my home.Deborah was also really annoying on Saturday morning, see her enjoying the drills when everyone was battling with sleep. That girl is just a happy child.I’m tired of hearing, “you cannot travel outside Lagos without permission from NYSC”. Come and stop me when I get homesick.

See eh, I’m tired of this place and endless lectures. Just want to spend Saturday like Saturday.

Camp officials also announced that over 80percent of request letters submitted by corp members was honoured – abeg my own follow?.

Saturday was inter platoon parade competition. Platoon 10 finally won something , happy for them. My platoon came 4th in the competition. Those that participated are champs. Fam!, the sun was so hot and could fry a person’s brain but people stood under it for hours. First place winners were given just N10K for their Victory , I bind every spirit of plenty hustle for small pay – AMEN.

Watching the parade competition wasn’t compulsory, I’m proud of NYSC for displaying common sense.

Pictures can wreck you financially, run for your pocket. Got my pictures this afternoon, all these camp photographers must build mansions after Monday. They charged me too much for soft copies because I rejected hard copies. The hard copies are printed on substandard materials, why should I pay for rubbish? .

As a Port Harcourt girl, I bargained until the photographer got tired of me. Even threatened to abandon the photos if I don’t get a discount. All empty threats sha- could never abandon the pictures. What will I show to my children when they refuse to come back to Nigeria for NYSC?

Still have more pictures to collect, I can’t stop posing for the cameras.

I and the friend who bears a variation of my name, spent part of the afternoon and early evening following each other around. Joined the SDG – Sustainable Development Goals CDS group. Hoping to carry out projects on community health and mass literacy during the service year. God help me.

Last night we had camp fire night without fire. If I write how I feel about that here, the NYSC will have to find me and punish me. They keep trying to micromanage adults in this camp. Who told you we’ll go crazy if you allow camp fire night with fire?. You just robbed us of participating in one of the core activities designed to mark the end of the NYSC orientation process. Why? .

Soldiers and paramilitary officials thrilled themselves with gyration songs while corp members watched. Tired of their own gyration they made us dance round the parade ground platoon by platoon. Later they made us sit on chairs according to our platoon and participate in another cooking competition. 3rd cooking competition in this camp, una no dey tire? . Of course my platoon won. We did our best to gyrate, boys didn’t disappoint – they popped drinks and wet as many people as they could. Another guy also created an artificial fire using insecticide.

My platoon officers glowed with pride as we celebrated, they didn’t even seem to mind the drinks splashed on them. Good people! , if all camp officials were that tolerant there would have been camp fire night with real fire.

Lights out came early, can’t vex.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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