NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Preparing to Say Goodbye

It’s Sunday, my last full day in camp. It has been .. days since i got to Lagos. I finally get to step out tomorrow, whoop!.

The day started normally, stayed in bed a little longer than usual because it’s Sunday. Today I submitted my NCCF form, purchased a ‘Rural Rugged’ T-shirt and worshipped at the parade ground. The service was beautiful, we had a special thanksgiving session- I miss my church.

My Platoon won the competitive offering contest in the Catholic fellowship today. We got a cup to show for it and Catholic members of the platoon went round rejoicing. I cheered from my room window.

Today was supposed to be movie marathon for my friends and I but Lagos heat wouldn’t let that happen. We got so uncomfortable inside the movie hall that we had to leave, we scattered in different directions.

Got a new Khaki trouser today, Wonderful tailor at mammy market delivered on short notice . NYSC wanted me to go round town looking like a bag but God pass them. My new khaki is on point , it magnifies my tiny curves; can’t wait to rock it tomorrow.

I and the friend who share a variation of my name had a fab time. I love how she goes out of her way to do things for me. She even helped me carve my brows; I’m ready to face the brow.
Almost got into trouble this evening. During parade, I hid in my friends room . It’s on the last floor so soldiers normally don’t get there -dem too lazy to climb stairs. Was hiding in peace until my village people made me peep outside the window. A soldier saw me. He quickly pointed at me and yelled ‘damn’. My mouth instantly became bitter and I began to imagine soldiers running of the stairs to nab me. I quickly alerted my friend and her roommates, in no time we were on the parade ground.

NYSC Lagos state coordinator is my man of the year, please where can I cast my vote?. I’m sure thousand of corp members will be happy to vote for him. He scolds us harshly but still manages to show how much he cares about us because “the future of Nigeria depends on us”.
This evening, he addressed corp members again. As usual his speech reflected his energy, zeal and passion for nation building . People got up to blow him kisses, hung on his every word and laughed at his most boring joke. He gave us his number because he wants us to call him if we have any difficulties outside camp.

“Call me when your ppa refuses to pay you”
“Call me if you’re stranded”
“Call your father if you’re arrested with Indian Hemp “, he thunders.

Everybody is eager to call him, I hope he picks the calls himself.

Sunday night was spent in mammy market. People spent their entire N19,800 on drinks, hope they have transport money?. I saw a drunk corp member giggle all the way while friends escorted him to the hostel. Witnessed a lot of PDA- some people need a room. Also saw a lot of indecent exposure and behaviour – I hope you still love yourselves in the morning.

It took soldiers and a total black out to send corp members to their rooms tonight. It was a mad house.

I’m packed and almost ready for tomorrow. Can’t sleep yet because of the noise everywhere. See you on the other side when I eventually get there.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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