NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] It’s Slowing Down

Dear Diary, camp is ending soon – don’t know how I feel about that. I’ve made some good friends, really good people. We keep each other company, save seats for each other, buy meals for each other, see movies together, etc.

I’m terrible at keeping in touch, God help me.

My platoon won the business challenge on Friday. The team was led by my vegetarian friend, who I’m so proud of. It’s a major step towards the achievement of his future goals. The team was awarded N200k as a start up Grant for their business. Each member of the team got a laptop.

My platoon also won the Volleyball finals sponsored by Cowbell. My platoon officer was ecstatic, our never smiling parade commander also managed to smile – everybody likes success.

My teddybear-like friend didn’t win the Mr Macho contest.

Have you ever met someone who has visited the same places as you and at the same time but you’ve never met? . Well, i met someone like that. We attended the same Primary school and have lived on the same street all our life. Our conversation flowed freely and we got to know each other. No exchange of numbers though, we’re counting on bumping into each other again.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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