NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] My Fabulous Marriage Proposal Live in Lagos Camp

On Thursday my platoon was on duty. No morning drills for us- I really don’t mind. I and my girls were determined not to get sanitation duty as that would mean cleaning gutters’ , mopping corridors and other dirty jobs. We also did not want Kitchen duties, can’t be helping in preparation of food we’ll never eat.The easiest way of getting a good duty post is by famzing the platoon leader ; No, it’s not corruption . Our platoon leader is a comedian, he’s not interested in our famzing and cute smiles. It was a dead end. I and my friends quickly switched our attention to my vegetarian friend. He’s one of the unofficial leaders of the platoon- our platoon officer likes him.My vegetarian friend was easier to handle. Four pretty girls tugging at a young man sleeves, fam who can resist that? . 2 of my friends were automatically exempted because they’re part of the parade competition. I and the other friend are put into a special group- the tag team. Our duty is to give fellow corp members tags made out of cardboard paper when they report for duty.

In 30minutes, tag team was done for the day. I felt like a BOSS.

The “Platoon 4 on duty” tag saved us from boring lectures. To keep busy, we joined the hostel security team. Our job was to collect other corp members’ identification cards if they had to pick up something from the hostel. Felt like a champ. Stationed myself on the staircase leading to the boy’s section of the hostel. It was there that I got a weird marriage proposal.

Yes!, someone got on one knee and begged me to marry him. Dude said he has a dream of marrying an Akwa Ibom girl. Begged me to marry him, he even had a ring on him. Was joke sha but plenty people witnessed it. Dude was so serious that passer-by’s believed him. I blushed and blushed until my cheeks almost burned. Sweet young Man from Riverine Nigeria. Afterwards everybody joked about the cash gift presented to corp members who get married during the service year. Rumour has it that the money is about N500k, NYSC officials have refused to confirm the figure. Who wants to marry me for real? need that N500k for rent.

Thursday afternoon was also an eye opener. Since NYSC started receiving relocation requests, I have silently observed the high number of Northern corp members eager to relocate from Lagos with flimsy excuses. Even saw one rejoice because he had been relocated to Jigawa.

Most of the northern corp members either want to relocate to Abuja or any part of the North.
My Friend from Kaduna state, let’s call him ‘Bashir’ lives in Abuja and wants to redeploy back there. He’s using “asthma” as his reason. He laughs while telling me, says he just wants to stay at home because he doesn’t feel comfortable in Lagos. According to him, some of his other friends with very powerful parents didn’t even come to camp but he saw their names in the book of life. Plus their relocation has been handled.

I press Bashir to shed more light on why corp members from his part of Nigeria want to go back home. After much talking, Bashir begins to address the matter.

Bashir : How many night clubs have you visited in Lagos?
Me: None, I don’t live in Lagos. I grew up in Port Harcourt.
Bashir: How many clubs did you visit while in school?
Me: A few
Bashir: Our parents don’t like Lagos. Corruption everywhere. Most of us lived at home while attending Uni and we never really went out. All we did was go to school and then go back home. They’re worried that Lagos will spoil us. It’s worse for the girls. We don’t have the kind of freedom you enjoy. It’s important for us to stay close to home.

Exchanged numbers with Bashir, praying his relocation does not work out – I told him that.

Spent most of the evening with my teddybear-like friend. He’s contesting for Mr Macho on Friday evening. I hope he wins , would be nice to have my own personal person as Mr Macho. Most of the guys in the contest are really big. There’s this hot Pharmacy who’s also contesting. Girls often go to the clinic just to stare at his awesome figure. I’m getting a front seat, hoping the contestants are made to take off their shirts; a little chest wouldn’t hurt.

The other part of the evening was spent fretting. Rumour has it that posting has been concluded and request letters from private organizations were not honoured and loads of corp members were posted to schools. Who knows the DG, please help a friend. God save the kids from unwilling tutors!


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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