NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] How Big Men’s Children Disobey Camp Rules

Morning drills today was business as usual. Everything was normal until 6am when the bugle was sounded. Corp members retorted to shouting “hold something” to the tune of the beagle. Camp Director who never fails in enforcing discipline quickly rose to the occasion by delivering a very stern lecture.

Another interesting highlight of the morning was the ‘capture’ of corp members who hid in their rooms during drills.

Let me start with the story from the “capture’ in my room. The event was narrated to me by another roommate who witnessed it from under my bed. There’s this very rude girl in the top bunk beside me. She’s fond of fighting with other roommates over petty issues. Let’s call her Vivian. She remained in the room when other corp members headed out for morning drills. A female solider spotted her in the room through the window and asked her to handover her Identification card.

Vivian: Lai lai , I no go give you

The soldier repeated the order and Vivian still refused to hand over her Identification card. The soldier then contacted NYSC officials who brought a carpenter and broke the padlock in the room door.

Vivian was dragged outside, her waist bag and identification card seized. Nobody in the room feels sorry for her, we’re more concerned with the replacement of the padlock which was broken. We all contributed for its purchase and everyone remembers how loudly Vivian complained when she was asked to donate N50.

Rumour has it that Vivian will be arraigned before the camp court tomorrow; Thursday. She spent most of Wednesday afternoon and evening trying to get a lawyer.

The other capture story: A girl was found in her bed during morning drills. When the soldiers ordered her to get up and run to the parade ground she refused because ‘her father is an army general’. Lol

Saw her kneeling down outside and begging not to be decamped after she was dragged to camp secretariat. I’m guessing the queen is scared of returning home to her army general.
That aside, there’s this guy I’ve been constantly ‘stabbing’ afternoon parade with. We always walk away from the parade ground together. Just found out his father is a …….. (fill in the blank spaces). Thank God my follow-follow did not land me in trouble. Henceforth, all friends are required to declare their father’s status.

This afternoon, my platoon came second in the cultural day competition. Our presentation was centred on Igbo culture. This afternoon was also our turn for Man O War drills – I was so excited. It was a dream come true; the only physical activity I looked forward to in the NYSC programme schedule.

Every task during the Man O War drills had significance. Much better than the meaningless parades- if “drop it and flush it” reads this post eh!. Lessons learned during the drill included team work, humility and discipline.

Tempted to share pictures but i love my anonymity.

The company of 2 dear friends made the Man O War drills even more fun. We went through it together and chatted non-stop. Deborah thinks I’m a drama queen; what do you think?.

Tonight, I’m high on oxygen- i just watched the big, bold and beautiful contest. Girls too big for regular pageantry rocked the stage. Proud of their size, they flaunted it. They thrilled the audience with their parade skill, cultural attire, evening wear and knowledge of Nigeria.
My roommate emerged second runner up in the contest. We’re determined to disturb the hostel until soldiers are called in to shut us down.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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