NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] 3 Corps Members to Face Camp Court

Woke up really late, just when the bugle summoned corp members to the parade ground for morning drills. Couldn’t take a bath before heading out, not that it mattered but I wore fresh clothes.

Standard camp uniform is white t-shirt on white shorts and white socks in white canvas.
I felt a bit like my old self this morning. The cough is still there but it’s not so bad. I stand in line with my friends, we’re looking for our bug teddybear-like friend. He ditched us last night, didn’t turn up for the movies. Tithe boy is lazy, He’s not on parade ground – probably hiding in the hostel as usual.

After the drills, we were made to sit on the floor. NYSC Lagos state coordinator shows up to address corp members. It’s always a pleasure to hear him speak. He dishes out tough love alongside comedy.

Once more, he’s upset that corp members keep consuming more alcohol than they can handle.

“Mammy market is the bedrock of corruption and sin. You drink, shake your waist and forget your name”

“When we ask what your name is, you say ‘Orijin’ “.

He announces a new rule. Sale of alcohol in Mammy market is expected to stop by 9pm. He then airs his number for corp members. He wants us to call him when we get out of camp and find ourselves in trouble, “But don’t call me when they arrest you”, he adds.

3 Corp members; all males are called out for allegedly smoking Indian Hemp. State coordinator embarrasses the hell out of them . Some corp members laugh , others are irritated. I’m one of those who were irritated.

I don’t believe in parading suspects. To me, it’s very wrong. People should be proven “guilty” first before they’re publicly embarrassed. The 3 Corp members are expected to appear before the camp court.

Today was inspiration day and I was truly inspired. Popular motivational speaker , Niyi Adesanya and a team of other very impressive young adults showed up to share their stories. MC Bash was also on hand to supply comedy. God Bless, NYSC Lagos for reaching out to such a wonderful set of people. The stories were real and truly inspiring .

Corp members begged for more when the talk was over.

Today, my platoon won the inter-platoon cooking contest sponsored by Honeywell. We also got to the finals of the volleyball competition – all hail platoon 4.

Spent my evening with my vegetarian friend and my other friend who bears a variation of my name. She’s not feeling too well, I try to be a good friend by not telling her how bad she looks.
We have dinner together and engage in light banter. My vegetarian friend needs a girlfriend but he’s too busy to find one. Camp ends next Monday, we prod him to intensify the search. I think he’s looking for perfection – do you know any perfect girl?.

Back in my room, It’s noisy as usual. They’re complaining about the camp doctors. Not worried about the noise because my cough syrup has a way of nudging me to sleep.

P.S : I’m worried about my posting. Really worried. God help me.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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