NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] When Lagos Parties

Lagos state NYSC camp is an interesting place. The day always starts the same way; morning drills accompanied with party music and gyration. However, things change rapidly as the day progresses.

Everyday by 6am and 6pm NYSC camp standstill for hoisting and bringing down of the Nigerian flag. The ceremony is always accompanied by the sound of the beagle. Everyone within camp premises are expected to stop all activities and stand at attention.

Finally, Submitted my request letter. Everyone in this camp seems to have one of those. Nobody wants to spend one year doing something they don’t like.

Joined a skill acquisition group (SAED) on Saturday, guess which group? . It’s photography, fam!. Was a very interesting class but I still managed to sleep through half of the lesson.

We had plenty of free time in the afternoon: 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Spent the time sleeping, sending my clothes to the laundry, eating lunch at Mammy market. Muslims had their Jumat prayer during this free period.

Guys can talk eh. Overhead a male Corps member telling his friend how he got a girl high in mammy market the previous night just to press her breast. Is that not sexual harassment?. The guy bragged to his friend that he would have gotten laid if the camp had ‘proper’ dark spots. This camp is small, no dark corners. It’s well lit and soldiers hide in the little corners with shadows.

On soldiers, my roommates claim that soldiers have been buying them alcohol in the evening and inviting them to their lodge.

We had a lecture on safety around 4:30pm. After the lecture, I went straight to a saloon in Mammy market. Wanted to take off my weave and get braids. The price they called eh, I just carried my kaya and ran away. Got fresh manicure sha and repaired the weave on my hair. I knew I was looking good once I got the little makeover because people kept staring – I’m hot like that sometimes.

We now have 5 ATM Machines in Camp – 1 from Union Bank, 2 from GTB, 1 from Diamond Bank and 1 from UBA. Union bank was the first to arrive, they now have serious competition.
Saturday evening was Camp blast organized by Diamond Bank in collaboration with Beat Fm and NYSC. Don’t need to say it was fun; you already know how Lagos party’s. You’ve probably read all about the party on entertainment pages.

Party was cool sha, saw NYSC Lagos state officials stand up and dance. Camp Director was the only one not dancing or enjoying the show. She had a bored look on her face all through the party, stared at her nails in that manner bored divas do and only smiled when a colleague whispered something to her. She’s a beautiful woman sha.

Babcock boys tried so hard to shine at the party and their effort showed. The boys, yes, they’re boys – have a lot of growing up to do.

Cynthia Morgan at the party. Had to stand on 2 plastic chairs to be able to see the stage. Could also glimpse back stage from my position. Saw Cynthia Morgan and her team pray before her performance. What did they say to God? She looked beautiful with her red weave.

Naeto C was also present. His performance was wack, dude looked high. He promised a corp member 50k but didn’t deliver.

How can I forget Toolz ? She and her voluminous tools (you know what I mean) turned up to party. The Beat FM DJ was also on point.

Saved the best was the last; I SAW D’BANJ –YES, I saw the Koko master. That man is fine o. He’s clean mehn . His performance was on point though he started by ranting. Kanye West is a bad influence.

See party poster, jealous me small small.



Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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