NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Engagement and Wedding Rings Mysteriously Missing in Lagos Camp

Most corp members posted to Lagos from other states have one key worry “accommodation”. This morning during early morning lectures, I sat with a small group who extensively discussed the problem.

Some intend to stay with family, others plan on staying with friends but some like myself have no plans yet. We all grumble about the high cost of good accommodation in choice areas of Lagos. We all agree that it’s a serious problem as NYSC one year alawee can barely pay a year’s rent. “Maybe our PPA’s will help out”, someone suggests. His name is Victor. He hasn’t been in Nigeria since he was 2 years old and has no close family in Lagos. We all say “amen” and quit the conversation.

First week in Camp, I could swear that 80 percent of the female corp members were either engaged or married. They flashed their ring at every turn, constantly reminding me that i am single to stupor. Last week, male corp members even gathered in drinking joints to discuss the scarcity single ladies in camp. This morning, I discovered that most of the rings have mysteriously disappeared . I asked Deborah if she had noticed the development, she replied in affirmative. My roommates also agree. Ladies, where are your wedding/engagement rings? . Kindly report to OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service) if they’re missing.

OBS folks are constantly getting on my nerves. It’s annoying that they keep repeating every announcement especially when it’s time to chase us to parade ground. They keep repeating stuff like “If you’re still in your room, you’re wrong”
“If you’re still in mammy market, you’re so wrong”
“If you’re walking around, you’re very wrong”.

The OBS is currently manned by Batch A corp members. I’m sure they enjoy repeating the announcements.

According to NYSC grouping, I do not fit into any skill development group. Today, Corp members were asked to pick groups and learn a skill. I don’t want to learn bead making, baking, sewing, hair making….. Found like minds who had no intention of learning any of the skills been offered and so we stayed together; hiding in plain sight. Spent the time getting to know a new friend. He’s big like a giant teddy bear and has a nice head on his shoulder. Let’s call my new friend Ebuka.

Ebuka lives in Abuja and graduated from one of the public universities in the South East. I, Ebuka and Deborah have a great morning hanging out together and discussing how to hustle in Lagos. Tomorrow, i intend trying out @Lequte ’s advice. He said I should visit different skills acquisition groups and make noise until they send me away.

My platoon got to the Semi-finals of the volleyball competition- I was there along with other Parade deserters. We cheered them on to victory .

We had movie night. The New “Mission Impossible” was played on a big screen for corp members. People mostly Sat with friends and admirers. I didn’t stay for the movie, seen it before at the cinema. My roommate who stayed till the end said that there was a lot of smooching in the audience .

P.S: I just heard some roommates say they don’t believe in Condoms. People seriously need to read No Condoms! Here Are 14 Other Ways You Can Prevent HIV Infection


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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