NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] I am Pepeye

Dear NYSC Diary, life in camp is becoming too routine. I no longer run when I hear the sound of the beagle. I’ve also discovered that female soldiers blow their whistle harder when you cover your ear and I’ve learnt to hide in plain sight during parade.

Corp members are beginning to forge new bonds and build networks for life after camp. My friend Deborah is popular, she knows a lot of persons. She’s always introducing me to someone new. On my own, I’m meeting a large number of people; mostly guys. I have also discovered an easy way of meeting girls – introduce myself to them upfront or compliment them. I’m in Lagos to stay and flourish; I intend to grow a strong network. It’s hard for me to remember names, sometimes I get to ask for a person’s name thrice before I commit it to memory. Good thing, a lot of them don’t mind.

This morning, My room mates made up lyrics for the beagle tune.

“Emeka, Emeka why you no go Nasarawa” .

This afternoon was very boring. We had chain lectures mostly from organizations trying to sell services. I slept a bit during the lecture, chatted with friends and played with my phone. Was extremely happy when the lecture ended.

Since camp is becoming routine, I’m determined to step out of my comfort zone and try new activities or create my own fun. Tried out for Volleyball today, was cool until the coach decided to nickname me “pepeye”. The rest is history.

Tomorrow , I intend to visit the kitchen and try out their food. Been eating in mammy market since I got to camp- that’s one of the reasons why my room mates consider me a baby girl.
My platoon participated in the cultural dance competition this evening. Omo !!! Girls can roll something. It’s time to study for debate, I’m determined to kill it. A baby girl has to contribute her bit to platoon progress.

My roommates are at it again with ‘man gist’. Me, I’m off to bed. Ciao!!!

P.S : A soldier who slapped a male Corp member 2 days ago has been removed from camp. According to NYSC Lagos coordinator, nobody is allowed to touch a Corp member.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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