NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] “Hold Something”

Morning drills are incomplete if girls are not called out for being dirty. Wednesday morning was no different- boys were hailed for keeping their rooms clean while girls were tongue lashed for messing up their rooms.

The s***t bucket used by most girls was also banned , Dear Diary I was so happy. Couldn’t even hide my joy , dared girls around me to openly declare that they use a s**t bucket- nobody dared.

One of the highlights of morning drill is the gyration session when we get to sing “hold something “. When it’s time for “hold something “ everyone is expected to put their hands on somebody’s waist and move in circles until the song changes. I don’t mind “hold something “, I’m bone thin so there’s nothing to hold. Curvaceous ladies pretend to dread “hold something “, I know they love it.

NYSC Lagos state coordinator also thrilled us with his brilliance. He educated us on the importance of Community Development Service, CDS.

Dear NYSC DIARY, we had 5 hours of boring lectures . I’m being polite by calling it lectures, it’s basically hustlers trying to sell a product/service. I’m not one to put people down but the truth must be told. How can you teach people how to be successful when you’re still wearing a mismatched and ill tailored suit. Success is visible, we see it without you speaking it. Lagos is full of success stories, why can’t the NYSC reach out to them.

Dodged parade in the afternoon , was proud of myself. Spent the afternoon and part of the evening hanging out with really cute boys – I’m blushing. ( Ehm, if you read this post, don’t take it personal) . My platoon presented a drama; mehn ! It was whack. We also made it to the finals of the cultural dance competition – I can’t shout!, we’re dope like that.

Slept really early that’s why I couldn’t upload a post yesterday, was so tired . My eyelids were heavier than a bag of cement.

P.S : I had a wardrobe malfunction on Tuesday, walked from the hostel to mammy market with my shirt up. Flashing my vest for the world to see. Totally forgot about it until it almost happened again.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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