NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] NYSC DG Advices Female Corp Members on Dating Senators

Woke up late this morning : 4:11am. Last night was a busy one- my roommates stayed up late discussing man troubles. Nobody slept until 12:10am but somehow they managed to wake up early.When I woke up the room was bustling. I had to contemplate taking a quick shower or going to parade with my smelly self. Girls do it all the time, I wouldn’t have been the first. Somehow, I managed to grab a quick shower.Before the morning drills, we get an earful from the NYSC Lagos state coordinator. He was very upset with the ladies. They keep “dropping it without flushing it”. He makes us chant “If you drop it, flush it. If you can’t flush it, don’t drop it”.

For the first time we had Christian prayer on the parade ground after Muslims leave for their morning prayers. Three half dressed girls were brought to the patrol ground, They were caught hiding in their room. We were asked to boo them.

Drill time was really short as everyone was ordered back to the hostel for clean up. After that we had a really interesting HIV/AIDS awareness lecture.

Before I forget, slim female corp members are being discriminated against. When a fat female corp member complains of fatigue during parade or any other physical activity they are asked to sit somewhere and rest but should a slim girl complain the soldiers will simply say “sorry, it will soon be over” and walk away. Who needs the exercise more; the orobos or lekpa? .

Today, we had plenty of lectures. STANBIC IBTC Pensions lectured corp members on how to plan a career path. The other lectures were boring. I shamelessly slept in public until my cap fell from my head to the floor. Woke up without shame, dusted the cap and put it back on my head.

I need to start sharing little bits of gossip I hear from friends since I can’t be everywhere at the same time. My friend, let’s call her Deborah because she bears a bible name told me of a bathroom fight on her floor.

According to her story, a girl cleaned a bathroom and locked it up . She refused to release the key to other girls leaving over 20 girls to share the remaining one bathroom on the floor.

An argument broke out when other girls accosted her for the key. They then began to insult themselves and rate their common sense. See their conversation below:

Bathroom hoarder: you’re very stupid if you think I’ll wash a bathroom and allow you to use it.
1st girl : This is not your father’s house, give me the key
Bathroom hoarder : My father did not pay 100,000 Naira per semester for me to come to NYSC camp and clean a bathroom for you.
1st girl : (laughs) My school fee was N1.8million per semester
2nd girl: I paid 10,000pounds every semester
3rd girl : I paid 1.million every semester.

Accepting defeat, bathroom hoarder surrendered the key. Highest I ever paid in any semester was 35k, Dear God please save me from bathroom fights.

NYSC DG was in Lagos today. He addressed corp members on integrity, opportunities and security. He advised female corp members to desist from travelling round the country during the service year. He said, “stop going to Abuja to visit senators, sit down in Lagos”.

“Look around your camp, the senators of tomorrow are here. Stop chasing the senators of today. What you’re looking for in Sokoto is right inside your shokoto”. Why can’t he just tell us ‘don’t follow man’

He concluded his session by giving us a song for our parents who are worried about our serving in Lagos.

Singing : “If you see my mama .Hosanna. Tell am say o, Hosanna. I dey for Lagos. I know no get problem, Hosanna”.

The DG also donated a cow to the camp.

One of the Obas in Lagos visited the camp and educated us on the traditions and taboos of the land.

Officially joined the debate team in my platoon. Inter Platoon competitions started today. I schooled a young man on gender equality – he’ll never forget me. Please don’t ask what I said to him- love you too.

P.S : Female corp members have been barred from smoking and getting drunk at mammy market because they’re future mothers . Is that not gender discrimination?


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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