NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Male Corp Member Goes Crazy Over N1,500 Allowance

I’m beginning to like morning drills, the hilarious songs we get to sing and the tunes we rock to makes it a fun task.

Singing: “If soldier marry soldier dem go born mumu” (5x)
“Shoe get size!!! Okrika get quality “ (4x)

Saturday morning was fun. During the drills, NYSC Lagos state coordinator told us of how some male corp members are “dissolving their education in liquid (alcohol)”. According to the story, a male corp member went to Mammy market (camp market) on Friday evening immediately after collecting his N1,500 transport allowance . With the money he bought enough alcohol to make himself drunk and extremely stupid. He then started screaming and accusing three girls of stealing his phone. A crowd gathered and the girls were searched. The phone wasn’t found on them. Someone then took the phone number and called the line. The phone was found under a table . The male corp member continued rambling until he was put to bed.

“Lagos swallows the weak”” was another lesson we learned from the State NYSC coordinator. He encouraged Corp members to acquire skills and use them judiciously after camp.

Got a new friend, dragged him to mammy market on Saturday night. Mammy market is everyone’s favourite spot. You can find every thing you need there – saloons, game centre, restaurants , shawarma joints’, beer parlour, weed joints , just name it. My new friend is a really calm young man, graduated from one of the private universities in the South West. He’s A great listener and I’m really grateful – you know I love talking. My new friend is also a vegetarian ; I learned that the hard way. Dude watched me buy plenty beef suya without uttering a word only to refuse partaking in the feast. I know you’re reading this ; I still dey vex.

Our Welcome party was also on Saturday night. It was so much fun. Camp officials turned up and showed off their dance moves. Corp members performed – songs, comedy… Just When the party was getting hotter, the sky began to weep.

Sorry I have to combine my Sunday entry with Saturday’s.

Sunday is the only free day in camp. No morning drills or parade. I slept till 6:20am. Church service wasn’t compulsory . Most people used the day for laundry while others played football, cards or gossiped with friends.

I went for service because I wanted to have a feel of the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship, NCCF. They didn’t disappoint.

Had drama rehearsals for inter platoon competition after the service. The rehearsal was annoying, everybody wanted to lead plus the storyline was uninspiring. I think I’ll drop out of the drama group, maybe I’ll go try out for something else like debate.

I miss Port Harcourt, I miss my bed, I miss my family and I miss my material friend.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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