NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] Will you Pay the Supreme Price For Nigeria?

If you’ve been missing out on club life, NYSC camp Lagos state is the place to be. Morning drills today totally rocked. My left ankle couldn’t stop me from showing off my ‘Shakiti bobo’ moves .

The drills session was one big work-out party- It made the rest of my day easier.
My ankle still hurts but I’m determined to overcome the pain.

Today was the official swearing in ceremony for new corpers, Batch B 2015. The tailor messed up my khaki adjustment, i went round camp looking like a bag.

The Baby boy Governor of Lagos was represented at the swearing in ceremony other dignitaries also sent representatives.

It was a beautiful ceremony though I have doubts about the oath we were made to take. Part of it said ‘To always see myself first as my Nigerian’ . I love Nigeria , I really do but I’ll always be Ibibio before I’m Nigerian.

Another part of the oath also talks about sacrificing our lives for Nigeria if need be; not sure how I feel about that.

Dear diary, some male corp members love begging strangers for pictures. You smile at them and the next thing you hear is ‘Please come and snap with me’. Some spot you from a distance and walk down to beg for a picture. I feel bad for them. Why do you want a stranger’s photo : for show off or otimokpo. That’s how some will end up uploading it on social network with Hashtags #CampFriends , #Sweetheart , #BaeofLife or even #CampBae . If i catch you!!!.

Parade was also fun today. The soldiers were kind and full of smiles. They gently corrected mistakes and called errant corp members weird names. One called me ‘water bottle’, not sure what he meant.

Let me drop a little gossip about my new friends.

I’m a firm believer in ‘a friend for every purpose ‘, e.g : A friend for morning drills, a friend for mammy runs, a friend for parade, etc . My new friends minus the one in my room are actually so cool that I might have to review that ideology. They’re mostly from private or foreign universities.

Yet to meet really impressive corpers from public institutions and I’m really trying. Something is always wrong with them, don’t accuse me of being picky; I’m a product of a public university. Somehow I’m ashamed of myself because few months ago i would gladly describe Private universities as glorified secondary schools.

Away from my shame, some people can be sweetly wicked. Watched a fellow corp member torture another Corp member for pronouncing ‘paid’ as ‘faed’. Overheard some guys including a married man discuss the girls they want to chase (holla at me, if you want to know who likes you).

Old corp members helping out in camp need to drop the been there, done that attitude. They need to forgive the cool kids who bullied them in secondary school and the wicked Principals who refused to make them prefects. You’re a corper, I’m a corper – all na N19,800


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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