NYSC DIARY: [Port Harcourt Girl] I Saw a Naked Man

Made it to camp by 7:20pm. God bless Dana for cheap flights.

The flight was a quiet one no thanks to the candy crush fan who sat beside me. He didn’t say hello when I took the seat next to him, didn’t look up throughout the journey and farted twice.

From the airport down to camp, I shared a cab with a fellow corp member I met at the Port Harcourt International airport; he payed the fare. My new corper friend is what you call an executive corper. He already has a really comfortable job and NYSC is just a distraction. My new friend has a crib around the camp. He dropped me off at the gate and went off. He won’t be getting into camp until Wednesday and has no plans of staying.

Camp is gradually coming alive. Lots of people are rolling in their boxes, some carrying theirs’ on their head. There are hustlers everywhere and they work hard trying to rip me of my little money.

One says, “Fine girl, do you have up to 24 red background passports?”

Another says ‘’do you have 15 white background passports?” . I’m a Port Harcourt girl, I know the game. You cant get my money.

I no time, i’m put into a room with 27 other girls, we all scramble for bed space. I’m three bunks away from the window.

I pick a new friend. She’s not my typical kind of friend but she seems like a nice person. I still do not know her name but she’s my friend . She likes me, I like her though she’s quite curious about me. She thinks I’m rich simply because i flew from port Harcourt to Lagos. I try to make her understand that it’s just N15,300 and she could have done same. She stays in the South east and like the other girls in my room had to endure a really long bus ride to Lagos- now I’m feeling elitist.

The crowning part of my Tuesday was seeing a naked man. Yes, I saw a naked man.
Hey guys, if you’re tall, lanky, kinda dark with a really big ….. and took a shower around 10:05pm, just know that I saw your nakedness.

Please don’t try to blame me for seeing a naked man on my first night in camp, blame my bladder. Was really pressed and looking for a mobile toilet or dark corner when I gazed upon the naked image.

Registration begins on Wednesday. Dear NYSC diary, I pray I find time to talk to you every night.

P.S : Vernacular should be banned in NYSC camp. Met too many Corp members who can’t make a complete sentence in English without seasoning it with their native dialect.


Source: Nigerian Bulletin

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